Pre-school education in Greytown
that’s as dynamic as the world around us

their little
wings and let
them soar!

Pre-school education in Greytown
that’s as dynamic as the world around us

Our Team

The Blue School team is committed to our philosophy and innovative approach to teaching and learning. They are carefully recruited because we are confident they will embrace our new and exciting ways. They are prepared to constantly develop their own skills and abilities as well as evolve the school and programme further, to continually meet the needs of the children we teach.

They are selected for their commitment, creativity, engagement and genuine talent for working with children. Like our children, every teacher brings with them a special set of talents and skills that we welcome into our programme. They have a range of educational experiences and additional qualifications which are a bonus to the school.

We are committed to maintaining high quality ratios to ensure children experience the devoted time and attention they deserve.

Sian Paterson – Founder/Principal

I have been immersed in early childcare and education all my life, with our renowned family business, Ladybird Early Childcare still going strong after 20 years. Having travelled extensively after finishing school, I discovered my passion soon after – combining the science of how we learn, with truly progressive education that prepares children with the skills for a rapidly changing world.

After completing my BSc in psychology and a business degree in marketing, a perfect storm of opportunities arose in 2012 that led to the opening of Blue School.

So what does it mean to be apart of Blue School? Our mission, vision and impact of what we do at Blue School is so large that it is no one person, one method or one way job. It’s collaborative, and it takes a community of outstanding individuals. Our goal? Re-defining what education should be about – saturated with experiences, questions, playfulness and creativity. To be part of building something everyday that continues to forge new ways to children to learn, grow and thrive is simply an exceptional experience, and we’re only getting started.